The Althorpe Grove Estate is situated in the London Borough of Wandsworth and was built in 1984 by the Greater London Council; the freehold estate was purchased collectively by the leaseholders from the London Borough of Wandsworth via Althorpe Grove Freehold Limited in March 2003

The estate comprises, at present, 111 properties spread across seven buildings and includes the following:-

13-20 (inclusive) Althorpe Mews, London SW11 3PD

163-205 (odd) Battersea Church Road, London 1-32 (inclusive) Granfield Street, London SW11 3JH

1-20 (inclusive) Sunbury Lane, London SW11 3NP

21-38 (inclusive) Sunbury Lane, London SW11 3NP; and

39-49 (inclusive) Sunbury Lane, London SW11 3NP

The estate is a low-rise estate of maisonettes with most properties being on two levels with the buildings themselves being only four floors high; part of the estate sits within the Battersea Square Conservation Area, designated by the London Borough of Wandsworth.

The estate includes one large and one small garden, the former of which has a very large ornamental pond, for exclusive use by the estate residents.