Althorpe Grove Freehold Limited have instructed Bishop & Associates to provide Contract Administration Services pertaining to the repair, renewal and maintenance programme to the external areas of the Althorpe Grove Estate.

The works themselves comprise the resurfacing of the driveways and forecourts and therefore, the opportunity is being taken to enhance the parking with electric gates and rising bollards, renewal of the lighting throughout, some boundary fencing and the creation of a purpose built pedestrian access in the middle of Sunbury Lane, with associated works to footpaths in the gardens.

The work are being undertaken to comply with the terms of the Lease and for the proper management of the estate.

The intention of the works it to meet the high standards originally set when the estate was built in 1984, ensuring that the Battersea Square Conservation Area requirements are met.

The works specification has been divided up into the following subsections:-

  • Section 1 – Demolitions & Groundworks
  • Section 2 – Brickwork
  • Section 3 – Resin Surfaces
  • Section 4 – Bollards, Gates and Railings
  • Section 5 – Bin & Bike Store
  • Section 6 – Soft Landscaping
  • Section 7 – Electrical Works
  • Section 8 – Battersea Church Road External Redecorations

It is intended that the works will commence, on a phased basis, in the summer of 2019 and further information will therefore be provided in due course.

In the interim meantime, please note that the initial consultation notice can be found HERE and full details of the Planning Permission given by the London Borough of Wandsworth on 4th May 2018 can be found HERE.