The Directors of Althorpe Grove Freehold Limited are volunteers who are elected by the Shareholders of the Company to manage the estate in the best interests of the residents collectively; all Directors of the Company also own properties within the estate themselves.

Given the size of the estate, each of the Directors act as a ‘Building Representative’ to ensure that the interests of all residents across the estate are catered to, and all voices heard; the current Directors, and the buildings which they represent, are as follows:-

Mr. Tim Morris Estate Grounds
Ms. Barbara Morris-Welsh 13-20 (inclusive) Althorpe Mews
Ms. Angela Roden 163-205 (odd) Battersea Church Road

Ms. Charmian Dawnay

Ms. Lucy Hemmings

1-32 (inclusive) Granfield Street
Ms. Angela Roden  1-20 (inclusive) Sunbury Lane

Ms. Claire McDonald

Mr. George de Courcy-Wheeler

21-38 (inclusive) Sunbury Lane
Ms. Christine Fremantle 39-49 (inclusive) Sunbury Lane

Should you wish to speak to any one of the Directors regarding any matters pertaining to the management of the Estate and / or the Company, please submit your request to London Block Management in the first instance; their contact details can be found HERE